First of all - thanks for taking the time to read this.

My real name is Alex Sargent, but I've been going by Alex Cuervo for so long and have used that name on so many recordings that it would be kind of dumb to walk away from it now. I've also been called Sargent Ladyfingers by some of my more antagonistic friends (frenemies?) because of my slender, elegant (and super unmanly) fingers.

I currently sing and play guitar in the Hex Dispensers. I also have a solo instrumental project called Espectrostatic. I've been playing, recording and touring in punk rock and garage rock bands for over 25 years. All that time I've harbored the fantasy of creating music for film, video games, and television as I'm a hardcore gamer and genre tv/film geek. My fascination with the music of Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti, John Carpenter, and JG Thirlwell has kept that candle burning all these years. Now that the appeal of the rock-n-roll lifestyle has all but vanished - I find myself much more content working from home creating music for the visual mediums that I voraciously devour and constantly obsess over.

So, if you've got something that needs a raw, gritty, or unusual approach in the music department,  I'd love to discuss it with you. I'm crazy about science fiction and horror - but I really go nuts over unconventional approaches to them. I love seeing creative workarounds and conceptual solutions to budgetary restrictions - so if you're working with those and are undaunted - I'd really like to see what you're up to and how I might be able to augment your team.

As an added value - I can also assist with graphic design and typography on smaller projects should you have the need. I have over 16 years agency experience as a production artist. Some examples of my design work can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Thanks again for checking out the site - I hope you've enjoyed the music and the videos.

Alex Cuervo, February 2014.